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Our philosophy

Happy children do better. It is the job of educators to bring joy to learning. At The Write Tribe, we bring both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to learning.


The Write Tribe offers online creative writing enrichment courses with live instructors to students from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. We specialise in composition and essay writing courses based on the MOE curriculum. Utilising interactive technology, learning through play and a comprehensive curriculum, The Write Tribe has been changing the way children learn. 


The Write Tribe's curriculum is created by animation writer/producer, Sabreena, who has worked for Sony, Netflix and Cartoon Network. A graduate in Film Producing who has collected various awards for her short films, Sabreena has also taken a masterclass under Syd Field. In 2016, she began The Write Tribe in Singapore, along with Shabana, a graduate in counseling and childhood studies.The Write Tribe's Co founder Shabana, constructed a learning through play program that captivates, cultivates and ultimately help young children create through heart - based learning. Under The Write Tribe's mentorship, students have seen significant improvement in writing and mastering the English Language.


Visual learners – absorb information by sight. 

Auditory learners – absorb information by sound. 

Kinesthetic learners – absorb information by touch.

Our interactive worksheets are designed to cater to each style of learning. Furthermore, children are able to more accurately recall information through richer sensory detail. By ensuring our material is presented through kinesthetic, auditory and visual means, we create a more vivid learning experience, allowing students to recollect information better. Additionally, by continuously jogging their memory through intense revisions, our students are able to retain what they have learnt in our courses.

Auditory Visual Kinesthetic Learning Styles Alternative Learning Singapore - in Singapore
intrinsic motivation extrinsic composition writing - in Singapore


We believe in developing confident children. Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to come up with original ideas and characters. We break down composition planning into smaller steps. This encourages students to be intrinsically motivated to accomplish a task and not give up. Heart-based learning creates a safe environment to make room for mistakes. We understand children learn through exploration and our teachers gently coax them to understand why something does not work. This creates a growth mindset and natural confidence in a child. Children with better self esteem are proven to do better in school.


Our reward system appeals to extrinsic motivation. Students are rewarded in a classroom currency known as WRITE BUCKS. Members are issued a credit card known as THE WRITE CARD. This card can be scanned which leads them to their own bank account. Every time, they complete a milestone in their weekly lessons or assessment books, they earn WRITE BUCKS. Our classroom currency allows kids to buy toys, books, mystery gifts and even game currency (Roblox or Minecraft). 

classroom currency student reward - in Singapore
Rewarding primary school students - in Singapore


Students accumulate funds in their bank accounts. By doing extra assessment books, participating actively in class and completing corrections, students are able to earn WRITE BUCKS. Classroom currency is not only an incredible motivator to get students to do more work, it teaches them basic financial literacy. WRITE BUCKS are also  given for showing good character, being responsible and being a good team player. 


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