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How prepared is your child for PSLE English Oral?

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Want to know how your child will do for PSLE ORAL?
Try a 15 minute Mock PSLE ORAL session with us. Get your session recorded, receive comprehensive notes on what to improve & a score based on the Oral Marking Scheme.

Oral Review is our ad hoc programme to prepare PSLE students for Oral examinations. Students will be tested for 1 reading passage and 1 set of stimulus based conversation question. Each session is 15 minutes. Parents will receive feedback in written form and also scores.
$160 for 4 sessions

$100 for 2 sessions

What do I receive from a

Scores Psle Oral Reading Passage

Scores Psle Stimulus-Based Conversation


Feedback & notes

Do corrections


Book a slot and we will contact your shortly!

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How do I prepare for PSLE English oral

psle oral conversation stimulus-based co
Book a trial lesson for composition writing. First trial at only $36.

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How to score well in PSLE Oral Stimulus-based conversation webinar

How to score well in PSLE Oral Reading Aloud Passages webinar

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