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Over 200 pages of common PSLE Oral Conversation Themes + Topics + Questions

Model answers, answering formats & practice worksheets

Oral keywords + useful tips to secure full marks

Suitable for P5 & P6

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Wish I had this book earlier. It's about 230 pages of material. I hope I can go through everything in time. One thing I found most useful is the Oral keywords behind every theme.  The model answers are helpful as it gives an idea on what to prepare for. There is an exercise sheet given with each set. I've gotten my son to write & file it. It helps him prepare. I think it is a very comprehensive list. 😊

-Shilpa Selvaragavan 

psle oral conversation stimulus-based conversation topics english oral model answers Engli

Ultimate PSLE Oral conversation Cheatsheet

Your Ultimate One-Stop Guide to Acing The  PSLE English Oral Stimulus-based Conversation


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