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Our Online Creative Writing Classes prepare students for PSLE COMPOSITION WRITING as early as Primary 1.



How to score good marks in PSLE composition writing?

Our weekly programmes aim ultimately to prepare students for PSLE composition writing. We have online classes from Primary 1 to 6. Our classes offer a practical exam orientated approach. Understanding the marking scheme is paramount when it comes to scoring better for PSLE compositions. PSLE compositions are marked based on Language and Content.

Here is an example of the marking Rubics for both Content.


For content, to score between 18 to 20 marks, not only should the story stand out, but it must also be relevant to the theme. The story path must be clear and logical and most importantly the student must use at least one of the pictures.


PSLE composition has recurring themes. The ideal storyline is about the main character learning a lesson related to the theme. The titles may vary a little, but the theme is the same. Some examples of topics from recurring themes

  • A wrong decision

  • A kind act

  • A wasted opportunity

  • An act of honesty



The aim of our weekly programme is to expose our students to the most commonly tested themes. Each theme is different and needs to be treated differently. This is called story treatment. We teach students how to write for each theme. We teach them how to pace, which areas to emphasise and equip them with storytelling tools to craft the best storyline for the theme presented.

asianchildsmiling PM.png

Here is an example of the marking Rubics for both Language.

For language, to score between 18 to 20 marks, vocabulary words related to the theme should be ideally used. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are the three key areas that would affect the results for this section. Good phrases, idioms, proverbs, figures of speech, character descriptions can help a student score between 18 to 20.

Our weekly classes provide vocabulary words and phrases related to the theme for the week. However, it is not enough. This is why we provide extra assessment books along with our weekly lessons. With a robust reward system, where students can redeem points to buy gifts and game currency, we motivate students to complete various assessment books to boost language skills.

Our auto-marking interactive assessment books are always free for our students. Here are some examples of our assessment books provided to our students.



Free sample to our assessment books are available to the public. Please check under free resources. Non members can also purchase the digital copies if they wish. Kindly whatsapp us.


Nurzalifah Husaini
My son has shown tremendous improvement in his english composition after joining The Write Tribe. He started at a stage where he was struggling to write even sentences to now where he can write a whole compo easily. Previously, it was so painful to read his writing 😅.

The online lessons are also engaging and interesting. The kids are definitely motivated to do well with the cool reward system in place. Highly recommended! 😍😍😍



Sanjana Vedula
I learnt a lot at this place Expecially the format and the writing techniques of certain subjects was really helpful. Learning there improved my marks a lot and I hope this place can get more people to join. Special thanks to the creative writing teacher
(Ms Sabreena)

For online trial lessons, kindly fill up the form provided, and we will contact you shortly if there is availability. Do take note that typing is required. Laptop or computer is preferred to an iPad as it helps the teacher fix the student’s errors. If classes are full and if your child scores average and above, you may like to consider our ad-hoc programmes.


How do I know if this is the right program for my child?

Good writing is a habit. The longer you stick to a program, the better the results. However, they are plenty of programs out there and as a parent, we understand your dilemma in making the right decision. Rest assured! We are parents too and we understand finding the right long term program for your child can be stressful. This is why we make it easy for you to know what we offer before you make that commitment.

Your first trial lesson with us will only be at

$36 !

(Original Price: SGD 40 to 55 per session)


Here's what you'll get on your FIRST TRIAL

  • 1.5 to 2 hour lesson

  • Marked PDF of the assignment sent to your WHATSAPP

  • Access to ONE E-ASSESSMENT book.

  • FEEDBACK and NOTES from teacher


Hurry! Special trial price has

Limited spots !

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Book a slot and we will contact your shortly!

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Begin 2023 with a strong foundation!

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