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50 MUST-KNOW PSLE Composition Topics

All the storytelling tools you need to know for PSLE

Comprehensive Vocabulary + Phrases list

Hi hi 👋🏻, I saw you have a Ulitmate PSLE Cheatsheet for compo online! I went to check it out and OMG thank you for compiling this!  As a mum, I can do a quick revision with my boy! May I purchase a copy pls? 😊

-Karis Ang

The Ultimate PSLE Compo Cheat Sheet has a lot of value that is worthy of purchase and surpass its retail price.
There are techniques for foreshadowing, personification, characterisation, creative phrases to replace commonly overused words. Very useful and comprehensive book for composition and creative writing for P5/P6 students.

Alwin Chen Ziwei


Your Ultimate One-Stop Guide to Acing The PSLE Composition


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