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We understand PSLE is a busy year. Your child may not need regular tuition for English. However, there are certain areas within ENGLISH PAPER 2 that is pulling down your child's score. Your child may lack discipline to complete assessment books to improve weak areas. You may not have the time, energy or expertise to coach him or her on these areas. You may prefer to give tuition for weaker subjects. However, you still want to ensure your child gets all the adequate revision he or she needs to pass with flying colours. We have split the various components of paper 2 into mini programmes. Instead of doing paper after paper, your child can now focus on areas of weaknesses, learn from his/her mistakes, apply techniques and improve quickly.  This is why our ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PROGRAMME may be the answer for your child.


Raising a Hand

Spend Less Time, Study More Effectively And Improve Areas That Need Attention. 

People imagine that straight - A students spend hours studying. Research shows that highly successful students spend less time but just study more effectively. Studying effectively happens when students try out practices, understand where they went wrong, and improve in subsequent exercises. This is why we divided Paper 2 into various segments so your child can truly strengthen the areas that need most attention. Our mini programmes cover different areas of English Paper 2. Not only do we explain why the right answers are right, but also why the wrong answers are incorrect. Pupils will have a better understanding and not make the same mistakes again. Most importantly, by studying effectively, they free up time for subjects that need more attention. 

No time for weekly classes?
Prefer ad-hoc programmes?
Want to customise your study-time?

“My eldest was already in P6 when she did this programme. Thankfully, she did well for PSLE! So, this time, I enrolled my younger daughter earlier even though she wasn't in P6 yet. I am glad I pushed for it. The zoom sessions and tips are useful. My younger daughter is still doing the programme with TWT now. In my opinion, consistency is important, if not, kids forget. Also, we took down and collated the notes as the teacher told us to.

- Wendy Lim

psle english preparation course singapore
psle english preparation course singapore

"We are from India. A fellow friend of ours recommended us to Write Tribe. My son learned a lot. He struggles with cloze passages and editing. So we did both. Overall, I see him improving and not repeating the mistakes that he used to make."

- Madhavi Naik

Introducing our ad-hoc programme

  1. Pick any area of ENGLISH PAPER 2 your child needs to focus more on. 

  2. We send you the QUESTION SET

  3. Your child completes it and SUBMITS via email it back to us.

  4. 5 to 7 days TURNAROUND.

  5. Our HIGHLY QUALIFIED teachers will grade your child's work according to the PSLE MARKING SCHEME and send it back to you with constructive feedback explaining what the correct answers should be. 

  6. Followed by a 30 minute LIVE ZOOM consultation where our teacher clears any doubts and explains each mistake your child had made throughout the question set.

  7. You can choose as many sessions as needed. For students taking multiple sessions, our teachers will give you an understanding of how your child has been progressing.





Who is suitable for our

Online Class
Online Studies

- Primary 5 or 6 students

- This programme is suited for students who have basic ENGLISH FOUNDATION skills.


- Students who want to brush up on certain components of the ENGLISH PAPER 2 that is pulling their grades down. 

- Students who have stagnant results and need help to improve scores.

- Students who need a programme that disciplines them into getting adequate practise.

-Students who want to try a more challenging and intensive English Programme.

-Students who do not HAVE TIME to attend weekly classes but need some guidance to pull up their scores. 

Why is our curriculum for ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PREPARATION COURSE a one-stop learning solution? 

Our various mini programmes cover each area of Paper 2. We have collected and prepared challenging questions and exercises that incorporate higher-order thinking skills.

  • Follows latest MOE syllabus

  • Stimulated PSLE questions 

  • Ample practice

  • Completing 10 sessions is equivalent to finishing 1 assessment book.

English Teacher

Choose one or multiple programmes from our ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PREPARATION COURSE 

Grammar MCQ 
Mini Programme

Visual Text Comprehension 
Mini Programme

Synthesis + Transformation
Mini Programme

Vocabulary MCQ 
Mini Programme

Cloze Passages Techniques 
Mini Programme

Comprehension Techniques 
Mini Programme

Mock Exam Papers
Mini Programme

Not sure which programme is RIGHT for you?

Try our

PSLE English Exam Report

Try a mock paper and we will give you an analysis on which areas your child is weak in. From there, you can choose programmes that work best for your child.

*Kindly note, we will not mark or return the papers. You will simply receive a report highlighting weak areas.

PRICE: $36

(Subject to availability)


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