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Choose one or multiple programmes from our ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PREPARATION COURSE 

PSLE Editing Techniques crash course online

ULTIMATE PSLE Editing Techniques 
Mini Programme

The mini programme contains a wide variety of passages for ample practice especially for students who need to excel in the Editing component of the PSLE ENGLISH EXAM. This section tests both on spelling and grammatical errors. The aim of this mini programme is to expose students to a wide variety of challenging passages to prepare them for PSLE. Our teachers would mark them and give thorough notes on where and why they went wrong. The aim of this is to help students understand and learn from their mistakes. The students will also be exposed to a series of misspelled words and common grammatical errors that usually cause students to lose marks in PSLE.
Completing one exercise after another, followed by the guidance through the zoom sessions, students would be able to learn tips, tricks and techniques on how to score better for this component. 

Each session consists of 10 editing exercises (5 focusing on grammar and 5 on spelling). By dividing the exercises into two areas, our teachers are able to identify which area is pulling down your child’s marks for this section. Completing all 10 sessions (over 100 exercises) is equivalent to finishing 2 assessment books. By completing the programme, students who are weak in this component, will be able to pull up their scores. 


10 Editing Exercises - 1 x 30 min zoom session = $54
60 Editing Exercises - 6 x 30 min zoom sessions = $261
100 Editing Exercises - 10 x 30 min zoom sessions = $495

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