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Choose one or multiple programmes from our ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PREPARATION COURSE 

PSLE comprehension  open ended questions crash course answering techniques strategies

ULTIMATE PSLE Open-Ended Comprehension Techniques 
Mini Programme / Crash course

The aim of this programme is to improve the scores of students who struggle with open ended comprehension. Based on the latest MOE syllabus, this programme consists of challenging passages with PSLE stimulated questions. Our teachers mark and leave individualised feedback on where exactly the student is losing marks and provides model answers. During the 1-1 zoom session, the teacher explains the errors, gives tips to identify question requirements and how to score well against the marking scheme. Tips on how to understand the passage better would also be given. 
This is beneficial as parents are able to identify the areas of weakness and improve on them. Also, it provides students valuable insight on what the markers are looking for. This puts students in an advantageous position to score better for this section.

Each session covers 2 open ended comprehension practices.
Completing all 10 sessions (over 20 passages) is equivalent to finishing 1 assessment book. 


2 Comprehension sets - 1 x 30 min zoom session = $54
10 Comprehension sets - 5 x 30 min zoom sessions = $261
20 Comprehension sets - 10 x 30 min zoom sessions = $495

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