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A special prize Model composition sample

Here is a model composition suitable for Primary 5 & 6 - "A special prize." We have plenty of free resources and free samples from our various creative/composition writing assessment books. Click the button.

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100 essential proverbs for english composition writing for primary school PDF
100 essential proverbs for english composition writing for primary school PDF

Below is the Composition Question, including the 3 panel pictures.

A special prize model composition sample
A special prize model composition sample

Model composition - A special prize composition sample My T-shirt that was soaked in my sweat and it clung onto my skin as I wiped the perspiration trickling down my forehead. I haven’t even started running but I was sweating buckets. Determination etched on my face, I started warming up on the race track. I was participating in a running race for Sports Day. “Jake! You can do it!” a familiar voice screamed from the crowd. It was my overenthusiastic mother sitting with my father among the spectators. They even brought a banner with my name decorated in glitter. I showed her a thumbs up. I am a good runner. I’ve won several cups and trophies enough to fill a large shelf back at home. From the corner of my eye, I espied Peter. I did not like Peter. He had a very forgettable face. Nothing exceptional. He looked like an average boy. However, my classmates found him repulsive. Since he was scrawny, he was the perfect target for bullies. I did not like him because he was always neck and neck with me during races. Being competitive, I naturally did not like that. It was a sweltering hot day. The school stadium was adorned with colourful flags and enthusiastic parents. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by, “Runners, are you ready!” Licking my lips in determination, I got into position. I worked day and night for this race. I was determined to win the platinum cup. That would be a wonderful notch on my belt. I expected everything to go smoothly, but little did I know something unexpected was waiting in the horizon. The starting pistol commenced our race with a deafening roar. It was enough to get my adrenaline pumping. My legs sped and I felt like a bullet zipping past everyone else. Everything was a blur. The wind in my hair was pleasant. I could hear my heart beating in my ears. I could taste the fresh air in my mouth. I started running as fast as my legs could carry. The sensation almost felt like floating. Raucous cheers filled the air. There was no one ahead of me. This could only mean one thing - I was winning! With a smile, I continued speeding ahead. From my peripheral vision, I caught a glimpse of Peter. He was neck and neck with me once again! I was in no mood to let him win. I

focused all my energy on my legs and started running at full speed. However, I was not prepared for the next moment. Suddenly, Peter lost control and tripped. He body slid through the race track. The audience let out an audible gasp. Some of my cruel classmates snickered. I was too stunned. However, instead of feeling happy that my biggest opponent was out of the way, I felt compassion bubbling in my heart. I did the unthinkable. I stopped. As everyone else zipped past me. I scurried towards Peter who was lying in a heap. He looked crushed. His legs were bleeding and his knees were grazed. “Let me help you!” I calmly said while I lent him a hand. He grabbed it and we slowly limped to where the school nurses were. I could sense my parents were shocked by my action. Not only them, the whole school was focused on us instead of the other runners. I could have easily won the race but I did not feel right leaving Peter on the ground, especially after my classmate acted scornfully! The school nurses inspected him. Just then, I heard a roar of triumph, “The winner is Kimberly Soze!” I sighed and thought of the platinum cup I wanted so badly just a few moments ago. However, sitting beside Peter felt right. Peter thanked me profusely. As I was about to leave, I heard something over the speakers. Something unbelievable! “We would like to invite Jake Timbers on stage!” a voice boomed. My heart stopped momentarily. Why me? Curious, I trotted off to the stage. There I saw my principal beaming from ear to ear. “We saw your kind act and would like to present you with a special prize to celebrate your kindness!” his thundering voice sent goosebumps all over my body. In his hand was a little plaque. No name was written on it. “We would engrave something on this specially for you! We do not want to pass up on this opportunity to commemorate an act of kindness!” he continued. A smile spread across my face as I accepted this special prize. Among all the cups and trophies I have earned, this would be the most special prize! Peter gave me a thumbs up from the distance. I could feel a friendship blossoming between us. Then, I noticed my parents beaming with pride. I felt everything I did was definitely worth it!

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