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An unlucky day composition (Model Composition)

Here is a model composition for an unlucky day. It is a common theme for Primary 4, 5 and 6. The question set follows the PSLE 3 picture format. This sample composition serves as an example for students. You can use this as inspiration to write your own compositions.

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English Composition Writing Classes Primary 1 2 3 4  5 6 chua chu kang choa chu kang
English Composition Writing Classes Primary 1 2 3 4 5 6 chua chu kang choa chu kang

An unlucky day composition
An unlucky day composition

An unlucky day composition (Model composition)

The sun was a fiery ball in the sky. The birds were singing. melodiously. The cottony clouds were prancing in the skies. I heard an incessant ringing in the background. The ringing got louder and louder. Then, something emerged from the skies. It was round, big and metal. It was my alarm clock. Before I knew it, the clock slapped me with one of its hands. My eyes popped open. My vision was immediately flooded by bright light. I woke up on my cold, hard and icy floor. I rubbed my bleary eyes and stared at the alarm clock on my desk. 7.30pm. I squinted my eyes to see if I was seeing things right, before grabbing my glasses and perching it on my nose. "7.30pm!" I exclaimed in a hoarse voice. "Isn't today my math examination? It starts at 8am!" I continued while jumping out of my bed. My school was 45 minutes away. My teacher Ms. Ruthʼs face came to my mind. Her bent sickle of a nose and coal black eyes, penetrated into my soul. "Congratulations John on being late! Here is an F!" she cackled like a witch from the grimmest fairy tales. Shaking off the fearful thought, I realised I had to get to school as quick as lightning or I will fail my examination. Little did I know, my goal to reach school will be challenged by a series of unfortunate events. This would be the most unlucky day of my life!

Like a torrid hurricane, I rushed to brush my teeth, put on my clothes and with a sandwich lodged between my teeth, I tried to get through the door. That was when I realized, I made a blunder, I wore my underpants on the outside! "How silly!" I muttered under my breath. Fuming at myself, I went back in and changed again. I ran out of the door as fast as the wind. However, this time something else happened. This time it was from high up in the heavens. A white missile from the backend of a bird, dropped from up above, covering my glasses with thick white bird poop! "Am I a joke to you?" I hollered with clenched fists. Once again, irritated, bothered and raging, I headed back home to wash my spectacles. "This time nothing will stop me!" I spat my words through gritted teeth and stomped out of the door with determination! Just as I stepped out, I was attacked. Torrents of rain fired at me. It was raining cats and dogs and I was a miserable wet sock. "Really?" I asked the heavens. An angry mob of clouds were playing bumper cars merrily in the skies and the thunder sounded like it was laughing at my rather unfortunate situation. Armed with an umbrella, I headed once again to my destination. I became a race car, speeding to the maximum, making occasional glances at my watch. I had only two minutes left! The school gates were still open. If I do not speed up, I will be locked outside the gates! I mustered whatever strength I had and sped towards it.

Just as I neared it, it started closing. Slowly. "No!" I screamed. I swear everything felt like it was happening in slow motion. A raging bull I became. Gathering momentum, I slid towards the closing gates... and I did get to the gates. My entire body banged right onto the closed gates with a thud loud enough to wake the dead. As a prize for my impossible feat, I received a big fat red bump on my forehead, the size of a watermelon. Luckily for me, the security guard witnessed my predicament and came to my aid! "What are you doing here boy?" he asked, concerned. "Trying to get to my math exam in time," I said sourly, still rubbing the watermelon bump on my forehead. "Exam?" he laughed. "Today is a Saturday!" he continued. That moment was the cherry on the cake. The cake of cruel jokes the heavens was trying to hand me since the moment I woke up.

"Ah!" I screamed so loudly, it probably woke the dead. From that day on, I learned to be more organised so I would not make a blunder like this again. Like the saying goes, "It's never too late to mend!"

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