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Good phrases for primary school composition - 15 phrases to describe fear

Here we share 15 good phrases to describe fear for primary school composition writing. Good phrases can really pull up your scores for language. It is always good to memorise a bunch of good phrases before your composition examination. We understand our students have a lot on their plates. This is why we make it a point to create interactive quizzes to continuously quiz our students to help them memorise key phrases.

Reiteration is an important part of learning. The more they are exposed to a certain set of phrases, the higher the chances they will remember them. Most importantly, in our classes, we focus on how to use these key phrases to create cohesive pieces of writing. We do not only focus on HOW but also WHY.

WHYs help students grasp language skills and concepts better. At the end of the day. we want our students to be able to write creatively on their own.

Let's jump right in! Here are 15 good phrases to describe fear for primary school composition writing. These phrases are suitable for Primary 4, 5 and 6 students.




The blood drained from her face.


I froze like a statue.


My heart palpitated wildly against my ribcage.


My face turned ashen white.


I was shaking like a leaf.


My knees turned into jelly.


A chill ran down my spine.


​Fear throbbed inside me.


I was immobilised with fear.


My lips parted but no words came out.


My heart pounded wildly against my chest.


​My lips quivered with fear.


My eyes widened in sheer horror.


Panic engulfed me.


Terror infiltrated my body as I stood dumbfounded.

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