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How to write composition for Primary 4 - Falling sick

How to write composition for Primary 4. Today, we will tackle the topic of 'Falling sick.' Below is an example of the PSLE 3 picture format question. This sample composition serves as an example for students. You can use this as inspiration to write your own compositions. Below is the sample question.


How to write composition for Primary 4 - Falling sick

Diarrhoea is bad. Explosive diarrhoea is unbelievably bad. I learnt the lesson the hard way. It was so unforgettable, the stench lingered for days. It all started with a piece of cake. I was at the canteen with my best friend, Josh. "Peter! I don't think you should eat that cake. It's past its expiration date!" Josh warned. Josh is a worrywart and naturally I was not inclined to take his advice.

Little did I know, I would regret not taking his advice.

"Come on! What could possibly go wrong?" I laughed and wolfed down the entire cake.

Everything was fine until I reached the classroom. We were having our math lesson. Our teacher, Miss Rudy, is the meanest teacher in the world. She had a hook for a nose and eyes as large as two soccer balls. Her voice was shrill and she cackled like a witch. Naturally, we were all on our best behaviour during her lessons in particular. Today, she was in a stormy mood thanks to my classmates causing a ruckus. Halfway through the lesson, I felt a gnawing pain in my tummy. I mustered up courage and raised my hand. "Teacher, I really need the toilet!" I squeaked.

"No! We've had enough disruption today," she replied curtly. "But, I really need it!" I croaked, clutching my tummy. It fell on deaf ears.

I could feel my potty emergency going past critical. I could not hold it any longer. Within seconds, our white uniforms were painted brown. Everyone got to know me on such a personal level that day that they could tell what I had for recess. Not only Miss Rudy's spectacles were stained brown, she was covered with brown goo from top to bottom. "Get out!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. I fled from the classroom and headed straight to the boys' toilet. I spent so much time on the toilet bowl, I swear I became 'best friends' with it.

I had to see a doctor. I had food poisoning from consuming contaminated food. I had to rest for three days. From then on, I learned the important lesson to always inspect the food packaging for the expiration date. After all, once bitten, twice shy.

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