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Model composition for Primary 2 - An inconsiderate act

Here is a model composition for Primary 2 - An inconsiderate act. It is a 4 panel picture composition. This sample composition serves as an example for students. You can use this as inspiration to write your own compositions. Below are some useful vocabulary words related to the theme.

Model composition  for Primary 2 - An inconsiderate act
Model composition for Primary 2 - An inconsiderate act

An inconsiderate act

It was a pleasant day and the weather was perfect. The recess bell incessantly rang and all the students dashed to the canteen as fast as lightning. Jacob was feeling very famished and could not wait to eat. He rubbed his tummy and exclaimed, "I can eat a horse!" He was expecting to taste his favourite food but little did he know something unexpected would happen.

With his rumbling tummy, he made a beeline to his favourite food stall only to find a snaking long queue right in front of it. His face fell. "Urgh! This is going to take forever!" he groaned in despair while tapping his foot in annoyance. Suddenly, he had an idea! He decided to jump the queue. As Jacob shoved his way through, everyone gasped in shock, their mouths opening wide. "How inconsiderate! Boo!" they jeered at Jacob. However, Jacob ignored them and went ahead.

In his haste, he did not notice a boy carrying a piping hot bowl of soup. Jacob accidentally bumped into him and the bowl fell onto the floor with a resounding crash. The boy started bawling his eyes out. Some of the children immediately reported Jacob's misbehaviour to a teacher. The teacher approached Jacob and shouted in a loud voice, "Jacob, come here!"

Gulping in fear, Jacob tiptoed to the teacher and got reprimanded. He hung his head low and he muttered an apology, "I'm sorry!" From then on, Jacob turned over a new leaf and was never inconsiderate again.

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