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What is the format of an informal email

In this short blog, we are going to share the characteristics and the format of an informal email. For PSLE situational writing, informal email is a common question. We will also share a sample informal email for our blog readers to refer to. We always advise our Primary 5 and 6 students to keep all the formats of situational writing in a file. Right before an examination, it becomes handy for them to refer to.

1. What is P.A.C

P.A.C is a popular format taught in primary schools.

Purpose - Why am I writing this email?

Audience - Who am I writing to?

Context - What is the situation? Should it be formal? Informal?

2. What are some characteristics of an informal email?


Informal emails are commonly written to family members, classmates and friends. You have a close connection with them and there is no need to be 'formal'.


​Casual tone would be used. Contractions such as 'can't', 'haven't', 'isn't' can be used.

Common purposes

​Inform someone about something, e.g - a trip. Inviting someone to an event, e.g - birthday party. Or asking someone for a favour, e.g - borrow a camera.

3. Format of an informal email

Below is the format of an informal email. Formats are extremely important in situational writing. However, we understand it is impossible to memorise everything by heart. Therefore, make it a habit to refer to all formats before going for an exam. We encourage students to keep it all in a file so it becomes handy to them. Do not confuse formats. Do also note there is no need for titles or addresses.

​Dear (First name of YOUR READER),

1st paragraph: Your first paragraph would focus on inquiring about the well being of the reader. You may include how much you miss them or how long has it been since you saw them.

2nd paragraph: State the purpose of your letter and elaborate.

3rd paragraph: In this concluding paragraph, state any CALL TO ACTION (E.g favours). (hoping to hear from you). Don't forget to thank them.

​Yours lovingly, (Your First Name)

4. Sample of an informal email

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