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Choose one or multiple programmes from our ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PREPARATION COURSE 


30 MCQs set - 1 x 30 min zoom session = $36
150 MCQs set - 5 x 30 min zoom sessions = $162
300 MCQs set - 10 x 30 min zoom sessions = $300

Psle grammar mcq course workshop online

Online course workshop

This mini programme consists of 300 essential grammar PSLE stimulated MCQs. Completing the entire course gives your child ample revision that it is equivalent to finishing an entire assessment book. With each session and feedback from our teachers, your child learns from his or her mistakes and receives guidance on how to tackle commonly tested PSLE grammar MCQs, how to avoid mistakes and improve scores. 

Each session consists of 30 carefully selected challenging grammar MCQs. Your child completes and submits it back to us. Our teachers mark and give individualised notes on what the correct answer is. Your child attends a 30 minute zoom consultation where our teacher explains the markings LIVE and any doubts would be cleared during the session.

Piggy Bank

(Hurry! Limited slots left!)

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