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Choose one or multiple programmes from our ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PREPARATION COURSE 

PSLE comprehension Cloze passages techniques and strategies tips crash course workshop online

ULTIMATE PSLE Cloze Passages Techniques 
Mini Programme / Crash course

Based on the latest MOE syllabus, this mini programme covers three types of Cloze Tests: Grammar Cloze, Vocabulary Cloze and Comprehension Cloze. Each type of Cloze Test requires a different method of approach. The aim of this programme is to provide ample practice, increasing in difficulty as the student progresses. Our teachers mark and give individualised feedback to help students understand context and identify correct usage of grammar and vocabulary. Through our 1-1 zoom sessions, students are not only given explanations on why and where they went wrong, they will be able to master useful and specific techniques in order to score well for all three types of cloze tests. 

Each session covers 9 cloze passages, (3 grammar, 3 vocabulary, 3 comprehensive) Our teachers leave feedback to parents on which cloze test may be pulling their child’s scores down. Completing all 10 sessions (over 90 exercises) is equivalent to finishing 1 assessment book. By completing the entire programme, students gain mastery over all three cloze tests. If your child needs to brush up their cloze passage techniques, this is the right programme for you. 


9 Cloze Passages set - 1 x 30 min zoom session = $54
54 Cloze Passages set - 6 x 30 min zoom sessions = $261
90 Cloze Passages set - 10 x 30 min zoom sessions = $495

(Hurry! Limited slots left!)

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