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Choose one or multiple programmes from our ULTIMATE PSLE ENGLISH PREPARATION COURSE 

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ULTIMATE PSLE Synthesis + Transformation
Mini Programme / Crash course

Our Synthesis + Transformation mini programme is thematically arranged to help students ace this component in PSLE English Language Paper 2. Each session with us rigorously gives your child ample practice for the following themes: 

- Addition
- Alternative and Preference
- Contrast and Exception
- Reason, Result and Purpose
- Time and Sequence
- Relative Pronouns
- Condition
- Direct and Indirect Speech
- Active and Passive voice
- Participial Phrases
- Changing word class
- Additional ways of synthesis + transformation

Our comprehensive coverage of the above themes exposes your child to a wide variety of PSLE STIMULATED synthesis questions. By breaking them into separate themes, students are able to understand and apply the right grammatical device. Our teachers provide individualised marking along with useful examples and annotations. As parents, you get feedback on weak areas and gain knowledge on which themes are pulling your child’s marks down. Students learn where and why they went wrong and how these grammatical devices are used. Most importantly, they will learn how to avoid errors. 
This mini programme builds a strong foundation in the use of various connectors and key structures. Students learn different ways of rewriting sentences in order to help them excel in the PSLE English Paper. 
Each session consists of 24 to 30 questions covering a particular theme. Completing all 10 sessions is equivalent to thoroughly practising 1 assessment book. It also gives comprehensive coverage of all that is needed to ace Synthesis + Transformation and get FULL MARKS! Based on latest MOE SYLLABUS.


24 to 30 Qns Set - 1 x 30 min zoom session = $45
144 to 180 Qns set - 6 x 30 min zoom sessions = $261
288 to 360 Qns set - 12 x 30 min zoom sessions = $504

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