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Common composition topics for Primary 6


A list of common composition topics for Primary 6

There are some common composition themes and topics which appear often for Primary 6. One strategy is to give your child ample practice with commonly tested themes and make themselves familiar with model compositions. It is also advisable to collect useful phrases and vocabulary words related to these common topics and themes. With ample and strategic practice, your child will be ready to hand PSLE English compositions. Here is a list of common composition topics for Primary 6

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Let's jump right in! Here are 10 commonly tested topics to practise with your child. We also have model compositions in our blog. Do check them out.

A list of common composition topics for Primary 6


Composition topics for Primary 6

Pictures given


A regretful lesson

bicycle / boy copying in a test / bandaged leg



empty toilet roll / sharing an umbrella / a plate of food



a race / someone saying, “Good job!” / shoes


An unexpected incident

ice cream cone / car skidding / ambulance


A bad decision

shoplifting sign / security camera / wallet


Facing fear

swimming pool / injection / frightened boy


A responsible act

muddy footprints / mop and bucket / return tray sign


An act of honesty

information counter / boy cheating in an exam / wallet



wheelchair / bully and a victim / a scared boy


A considerate act

priority seat / speakers / library

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