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An act of kindness Model composition

Here is a model composition suitable for Primary 5 & 6 - "An act of kindness." We have plenty of free resources and free samples from our various creative/composition writing assessment books. Click the button.

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Below is the Composition Question, including the 3 panel pictures.

an act of kindness composition
an act of kindness composition

Model composition - An act of kindness

It was a balmy Monday morning. Everyone in class was present except Biff! Not that we missed him. Who would miss him? Biff was frankly disgusting. He was covered from head to toe with scabs. Sometimes, he would pick on them over and over again. How disgusting! No wonder, everyone in class despised him. Some even say, he eats the scabs! Everyone called Biff, 'The walking scab!' Just then, Biff came but he was in a wheelchair! "Biff had a little accident. He had broken his foot. I hope as a class, you would all assist Biff!" announced the teacher. The teacher continued droning on as my classmates engaged in their own chatter. Sadly, it fell on deaf ears as no one had interest in helping Biff. I too had no intention to help him. Little did I know, by the end of the day, Biff and I would become friends.

Just then, the recess bell rang. Everyone scampered out of the classroom and made a beeline to the canteen, leaving poor Biff and me alone! Poor Biff was struggling to get to the canteen. I felt a pang of sadness. Biff did not deserve to be alienated by our classmates. I sighed heavily, feeling sorry for him. I wanted to help him. But, what would my classmates think? Besides, Biff was gross! But, it did not feel right to leave him there. How selfish of me? My thoughts were interrupted by a screech. It was coming from Biff! He had lost balance of his wheelchair! He was seconds away from falling to the ground. I had to do something!

I ran up to him and helped him up. "Thank you!" Biff smiled gratefully. "You're really nice to have helped me," he continued. Biff was not as gross as I thought. As I pushed him to the canteen, he explained to me that he had a skin condition that caused those scabs. I felt ashamed of myself for judging Biff so harshly.

I felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart for performing an act of kindness. Then, a smile spread across my face. I felt proud as a peacock for helping Biff. I learned that doing acts of kindness makes the world a better place. Also, I learned never to judge a book by its cover. From that day on, Biff and I became thick friends!

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