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Good phrases for primary school composition - 15 phrases to describe sadness


This blog shares 15 good phrases to describe sadness for primary school composition writing. Good phrases can make or break your writing. It allows your readers to visualise how a character is feeling. Imagine this, by stating, 'John is feeling sad.' We do not see a clear mental picture on how he is feeling. However, if we say, 'Tears rolled down John's cheeks as he reached for another tissue paper, ' We are able to visualise better. This is the secret sauce of good writing! We create interactive quizzes to continuously quiz our students to help them memorise key phrases. We put a lot of effort in gamifying many of our quizzes. It helps our students absorb material much faster and better. We pride ourselves in making creative writing a wonderful learning experience.

We continuously post useful phrases for primary school compositions.

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Let's jump right in! Here are 15 good phrases to describe sadness for primary school composition writing. These phrases are suitable for Primary 4, 5 and 6 students.




She was feeling blue.


He was down in the dumps.


Overcame with sadness, tears jumped out of her eyes.


He bawled like a baby.


Tears streamed down her face like two rivers.


I felt as if all hope was shattered.


Succumbing to her grief, Janice broke down in tears.


Joshua wiped his tear-stained face.


Everyone was in low spirits after the devastating news.


Covering her mouth, Claire tried to muffle her cries so no one would hear.


His red-rimmed eyes showed that he had been crying all night.


I sighed in despair upon hearing that she would never recover.


A lump formed in my throat and I could barely utter a word.


I was so choked with tears that I struggled to speak.


On the brink of tears, Cathy quickly left the room.

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