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Model composition for Primary 4 - "A bully"

Here is a model composition for Primary 4 - "A bully." We challenged ourselves to use as many speech tags as possible in this composition. Speech tags are words to replace said. If you are interested to learn more speech tags, you can click on the button below and download a FREE SAMPLE of our speech tags assessment book. Exercises + Answer sheet is included.

words to replace said
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Below is the Composition Question, including the 3 panel pictures.

Model composition for Primary 4 - "A bully"
Model composition for Primary 4 - "A bully"

Model composition - A bully

"Give me your money!" sneered Todd, the bully, curling his ugly upper lip into an even uglier smile. Todd's victim, Jaden, who was only half the size of Todd, started sobbing, his body shaking in convulsing gasps.

"I'm sorry, I don't have enough," mumbled Jaden in a barely audible voice. The bully frowned, knitting his eyebrows together as if in deep thought. "I guess we should let him go!" Todd sniffed the air dramatically, faking sympathy only to pull Jaden by his hair, moments later and hurl him to the ground. Little did Todd know, his actions will have serious repercussions.

Jaden slid on the ground and knocked his head against a wall. Jaden was bleeding profusely from his knee and to my dismay nobody came forward to his aid. Having had enough, I mustered my courage and marched towards the bully. Jaden let out a yelp as Todd kept kicking him to pulp.

"Stop it! Or I'll …" I glowered, threatening Todd, stopping him dead in his tracks. "Do what? Hurt me? You?" Todd scoffed, throwing his head back in laughter. What Todd did not know was I had arranged reinforcements.

Unbeknownst to his knowledge, our principal, Mr Tan, had been informed of Todd's misdemeanour. Just as Todd raised his hand to hit me, he received a shock. Mr Tan grabbed his stocky arm. "Stop it!" Mr Tan snarled, baring his teeth like an angry animal, "I've had enough of you!"

As Todd was led away, Jaden breathed a sigh of relief. With gratitude brimming in his eyes, he profusely thanked me. I was proud as a peacock to stand up against the bully. I learned to always stand up for what is right.

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